Friday, October 17, 2008

Trick or Treat!

As the Tonner 2008 Halloween Convention opens to the Trick or Treat Dessert Event, attendees revel in fun costumes and treat themselves to desserts and frivolity! The cast of the 2008 Indy Film, "Silent - The Movie" discuss the aspects of making a thriller and show an extended trailer for the film. Everyone's in awe of the debut of two convention exclusives, BJD resin Betsy McCall and the glamorous sinister 'Wicked'. Check with us later as we start reviewing the costumes!

22" Wicked Witch of the West Centerpiece - LE 100 (separate purchase)

Table Favor - Black Widow Halter Set (includes shoes) - LE 300 (included with convention package)

Resin BJD Ultimate Betsy McCall - Halloween Harvest - LE 150 - Tonner Convention Exclusive (separate purchase)

16" Wicked (Lana Head Sculpt) - LE 200 - Tonner Convention Exclusive (separate purchase)


Flamingomoon said...

Wow! Does this mean that the American Model is now articulated? If so, I am a happy camper. Will the bod be available to purchase? Looks great.

Love the fact that the convention is honoring indy film work. These folks work so hard for an ideal, and they are part of what the future of film will be built upon!
Best wishes to the dir. and the cast.

MichelleP said...

WICKED is just that: W*I*C*K*E*D!
luv her!

Aloha_Doll said...

Robert's costume is a HOOT! I don't think I would've ever recognized him had he not spoken!

Joe's costume is pretty funny too, even if I don't quite understand it. The giant lollipop and the plaid dress says "Betsy McCall" or "Ann Estelle" to me---but then the male pattern baldness is throwing me off a bit?!

"Peace, Man!"

bluebox63 said...

I love Wicked's tall boots! Wicked good! The new Wicked Witch of the West has a gorgeous dress. Thanks for the pictures.

Luanne said...

Love them all, but really glad to see the 22" Wicked Witch! I also really love the "coffin bag"! COOL STUFF!

Katvisions said...

I love the blog for the convention
Please add my name to the virtual raffel

DCFan said...

Awesome convention! So sorry I didn't go - everything looks perfect and Elvira is AMAZING!

Please accept my submission for virtual raffle - everything looks GREAT!

DCFan said...

leaving name for virtual raffle -

THANKS - Awesome job with Halloween!!!!!