Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dollhouse of Terror

You asked for got it...Robert Tonner's Dollhouse of Terror - share it with your friends! And Happy Halloween!!! Parts I & II via YouTube are linked here...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Virtual Raffle Prizes

Hey, folks...we've added the prizes to the below now you know what you won! Congrats to the winners...and thank you everyone for participating! We are hoping to get some pics up a little bit later in the week of the event...stay tuned!

Virtual Raffle Winners!

We want to THANK EVERYONE for your patience while we sort out our office internet connection…here are the winners! The blog kinda got away from us between costume changes, set-up and internet connection losses. Once we get office internet and email connection restored, we’ll post the the meantime, please email us at to confirm your shipping address (please do not post that here)…and if we need your email (ellynor!!!), please email us as soon as you can. Please allow a couple of days response time as we get everything back up to speed. You folks are the best, and we want to thank each of you for participating…and for being so patient as we sort it all out! - 16" Winter Romance (Glinda sculpt) - Mrs. Coulter Oxford Dinner - 16" Dreams (centerpiece doll from Dreamscapes convention)
ellynor (we need your email!!!) - Grand Opening (Mera sculpt) - Louise Devereaux - Laces & Roses Sydney Chase - Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins - Amazonian Warrior Artist's Proof (signed)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Technical Difficulties - Big Surprise!

Hey, folks...yes, you guessed it...virtual raffle and other postings are delayed because of technical difficulties (that and we're all still getting clown white off our faces)...

We'll have winners and prizes on Monday...thanks for your patience! And...thanks for being a part of it all!

Harvest Brunch & Auction

From the Harvest Brunch, Attendees received the skirt that completes the outfit (halter and shoe set received Friday night) - Shown here on the UB Goth Tyler
The DeeAnna Denton 'Turning Leaves' - LE 150 - also used in the table centerpiece.

Over $16,000 raised in the charity auction...more details coming soon...AND...the winners of the virtual raffle!!!

Paper Faces on Parade

Mistress of the Dark Banquet

Quick recap of the souvenirs...

Skeleton Charm table souvenir

DeeAnna Denton - Hostess with the Mostest LE 50 - first issue of DeeAnna Denton

Elvira - Mistress of the Dark - LE300 - unique likeness head sculpt

Behind-the-Scenes: Mistress of the Dark Banquet

Things are Getting Competitive!

A Dreary Lunch

Hi, All...we're getting a bit behind ourselves...but suffice it to say, this jam-packed event was full of fun, surprises...and more than a few ghouls! Robert entertained guests with two presentations, including the world premiere of Tonner Entertainment's new movie, 'Dollhouse of Terror'...we hope it won't be our last! Enjoy pics of the centerpieces...see the video to see the whole centerpiece, inlcuding the Dreary's Widow's Walk. Attendees received a Agnes Dreary rag doll as a table favor...and we're all gearing up for the big banquet tonight! Sorry the costumes are taking a while to process...but we promise to have them soon!

Agnes & Viktor Dreary Rag Dolls - Attendees received Agnes as a table favor; Viktor was available for separate purchase.

Close-up of Sister Dreary - Marvelously Morose LE 150

Agnes in 'Wretched Whimsy' LE 100 & Viktor in 'Despondent Dandy' LE 50 complete the centerpiece.

Behind-the-Scenes: A Dreary Lunch

Wilde at Midnight

At the midnight event, attendees were greeted by Wilde Imagination - Debra DeForte and Michelle Hodge; Tonner Design Director and Evangeline Ghastly creator, Joe Petrollese...AND Evangeline Ghastly, herself! Each guest was handed a 'dark' gift bag containing a rock from Evangeline's collection (she collects rocks, spiders, & dust), MY ENNUI Poetry Book by Ellowyne Wilde...and candy, of course. Attendees were treated to a presentation by Debra featuring Ellowyne's Woeful Life, and the new Fall 2008 Ellowyne Wilde collection. The highlight of the event was the Ellowyne Wilde Convention debut of 'Just Another Year' Ellowyne and Sybil (bandaids not included) - LE 350. The new collection will soon be available at Ellowyne's here to request your Fall 2008 catalog!

(sorry for the video delay - here it is now!!!)

Evangline Ghastly made her debut in her new outfit, 'Blue Moon', which is the first outfit available to include a glamorous wig (in ghastly shades of blue) - LE 300). Guests watched her debut video - 'She Spends Most of Her Time Alone' - which left everyone breathless! Wilde Imagination will post the video on Evangeline's website soon - click here for the Evangeline Ghastly website.

Apple cider, donuts and door prizes ended this 'Wilde' midnight party!

Let the Sales Begin!

Trick or Treat!

As the Tonner 2008 Halloween Convention opens to the Trick or Treat Dessert Event, attendees revel in fun costumes and treat themselves to desserts and frivolity! The cast of the 2008 Indy Film, "Silent - The Movie" discuss the aspects of making a thriller and show an extended trailer for the film. Everyone's in awe of the debut of two convention exclusives, BJD resin Betsy McCall and the glamorous sinister 'Wicked'. Check with us later as we start reviewing the costumes!

22" Wicked Witch of the West Centerpiece - LE 100 (separate purchase)

Table Favor - Black Widow Halter Set (includes shoes) - LE 300 (included with convention package)

Resin BJD Ultimate Betsy McCall - Halloween Harvest - LE 150 - Tonner Convention Exclusive (separate purchase)

16" Wicked (Lana Head Sculpt) - LE 200 - Tonner Convention Exclusive (separate purchase)

Welcome, Ghosts & Ghouls!

And away we go! Robert Tonner welcomes you to the event...registration goodies and LOOT! And your first 'Behind-the-Scenes' look at tonight's opening event - Trick or Treat! Stay tuned for costume coverage...souvenirs/companions...and of course, our virtual raffle drawing Saturday night - see first post for instruction to enter our FREE raffle (don't post here - it won't be counted!)...

DC COMICS - Women of Power - Diana of Themyscira makes the Doll Reader Cover! Click here for Doll Reader's website.

UB Goth Tyler, Coffin Bag, Lapel Pin, Pen

Ultra Basic - Gothic Tyler - LE 300

Friday, October 10, 2008

Nightmares and Blogging...

Welcome to the 2008 Tonner Halloween Convention Blog - It's going to be a nightmare! Let's get right to it then, shall we? Post your name here if you want to be entered to win one of the fabulous virtual raffle prizes. Remember to post your email so we can identify the winners! More to come, including images of the convention souvenirs, behind-the-scenes videos (technology willing!), costume picks, and of course...lots of frights and thrills as the weekend unfolds. Join us online as we get this party started...October 17, 2008!