Monday, October 20, 2008

Virtual Raffle Winners!

We want to THANK EVERYONE for your patience while we sort out our office internet connection…here are the winners! The blog kinda got away from us between costume changes, set-up and internet connection losses. Once we get office internet and email connection restored, we’ll post the the meantime, please email us at to confirm your shipping address (please do not post that here)…and if we need your email (ellynor!!!), please email us as soon as you can. Please allow a couple of days response time as we get everything back up to speed. You folks are the best, and we want to thank each of you for participating…and for being so patient as we sort it all out! - 16" Winter Romance (Glinda sculpt) - Mrs. Coulter Oxford Dinner - 16" Dreams (centerpiece doll from Dreamscapes convention)
ellynor (we need your email!!!) - Grand Opening (Mera sculpt) - Louise Devereaux - Laces & Roses Sydney Chase - Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins - Amazonian Warrior Artist's Proof (signed)


Anonymous said...

WOW!! These are fantastic prizes!! Congratulations to all!! This was a wonderful event. Lora in Kansas = SillyDogDesigns =

JD said...

Congrats to the winners! Thanks to TDC for having the blog & raffle :) It's wonderful that those of us who were uNable to go to convention had a chance to participate as well as win something ;)) Kudos!

Luanne said...

CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!! Some really lovely prizes won. I honestly don't know of any other manufacturer who does so much for his customer base as Robert Tonner does!!! My personal thanks to everyone involved in the setting up, internet site management and all the behind the scenes crews for making this possible!

luis said...

wow, i sooo excitied , i won LOUISE D. !!!! thanks tonner company !!!!! LUIS PATTON